Color Trends for 2018 in Interior Design

The color trends of the new interior season is the emphasis on juicy bright palettes in the design of furniture, lamps, and accessories. On the one hand, this is a natural expression of our lifestyle and thought processes. On the other hand, it is a manifestation of the nostalgia of 80’s designs with their strong designs and color. So, we have checked trade shows to show you what will be popular in 2018.

Yellow – a blast of positive.

And not just simply dusty yellow, a trendy yellow is juicy, like a ripe banana. It is not necessary to paint the walls in yellow, it is enough to place a vivid sofa, a neat coffee table, or a bright poster in the living room. Such an ambiance will charge you with positive: as you look at your bright furniture you will certainly smile. Other shades of yellow will also be in popular: lemon, mustard, canary.

yellow interrior design color trends

Closer to nature – saturated green

Intense green has been considered to be a favorite for several seasons in a row. The next year is not an exception. Dark greenery is still relevant, but there is a clear tendency to a more natural scale. The colors of sage, celery, and avocado are in the fashion for 2018. They are well blended with berry-purple, matte-blue, yellow, cherry and white colors. According to the designers, this palette symbolizes health and is great for living rooms designed in the soft minimalism style.

Black – dramatic effect

One of the color trends in the interior for 2018 is stylish and sexy black. As a neutral color it is able to supplement any palette and theme. If you would like to add a little dramatic effect to your space you can paint the floors in black or hang a black chandelier.

Serenity of blue – blue-gray-green pallet

As in 2017, the shades of blue are extremely popular, especially the color called “In the Moment” – a blend of blue, gray and green. This is a cool and calm color inspired by nature. It is universal and ideal for interior and exterior decoration in modern and classic styles:

In the kitchen, you can paint the walls to create a calming background for snow-white furniture facades made of natural wood and a glossy dining table. The varnished wood of the natural brown palette will nicely emphasize the design.

    In the dining room the gray-blue walls will nicely contrast with white skirting boards and the ceiling.

    In the lounge area you can create a background of smoothly painted walls with molding of the same color. It will allow you to get a neat traditional relief. Add some orange cushions and a white carpet on the floor – and a fashionable home design is ready.

    Outside of the house, you can combine a gray-blue-green lining with bright white platbands on the windows and  brown terrace board. Black forged lights complete the picture.

A combination of blue and orange

Blue plus orange is a popular solution for living rooms, canteens and offices. Colors companions fill the room with energy. Due to the combination of warm and cool colors you can achieve a temperature balance. The best place for a bright accent is upholstered furniture: a sofa, armchairs, puffs. Ultramarine or cobalt can be chosen for a wall or a modular painting.

Blue and Orange in interrior design

Pink is gaining power

In 2018 the pink color in the interior is no longer associated only with ladies ‘boudoir’ and girls’ rooms. From frivolous romance, it is shifted to more complex shades and is now actively used in the design of living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.